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While I have loved dolls since my childhood, I started collecting dolls in the 70’s. I started like many other collectors with the Madame Alexander dolls but branched into the vintage dolls. I fell in love with a beautiful Queen Louise in the early 80’s and bought it from a friend and at that point developed a passion for the antiques.

I am a member of United Federated Doll Clubs (UFDC); I served two terms as the president of our local UFDC doll club and this is my sixth year in the club.

When I moved from Southern to Northern California, my technical career claimed too much time to seriously collect dolls but in the 90’s I started going to doll shows and began collecting again. By the late 90’s I realized that I had many dolls of the same mold or by the same maker. Almost all collectors are attracted to certain dolls—I think it is human nature. We also often have a limited budget but by then I began to search for and add more rare dolls to my collection.

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